Bacon Salad

Bacon Salad

Many restaurants, as least where I live, have added chopped salad to their menus. […]

Price: $ 5.7

Cookies & Cream


Sometime in the 1950s the recipe for a rich torte made with salty crackers […]

Price: $ 2,5

Super Supreme Special


If pizza lovers could be asked to describe exactly what they love about their […]

Price: $ 18,9

Sprite 330 ml


Sprite is a colorless, lemon-lime flavored, caffeine-free soft drink, created by the Coca-Cola Company. […]

Price: $1,8

Caesar’s salad with Chicken


The famous Caesar salad and dressing is believed by most historians to have been […]

Price: $ 4.85

Haagen Dazs – Vanilla


We’re in the thick of winter, and I’m still thinking about ice cream. Is […]

Price: $ 3.6

Meat Special Pizza


Making the perfect pizza dough is a time honor tradition and is a far cry from […]

Price: $ 15,59

Coca Cola 330ml


The exact formula of Coca-Cola’s natural flavorings (but not its other ingredients, which are […]

Price: $1,8